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MIArb was established in 1991 with the main aim of promoting the determination of disputes by arbitration.

Since its inception, MIArb’s panel list of arbitrators has expanded to include respected individuals with eminent qualifications & experience in a variety of professional disciplines from industries such as building and construction, engineering, banking, finance, law, insurance, service and manufacturing industries, to name a few.

Today, MIArb has widened its objectives to promoting and facilitating other forms of ADR such as mediation and adjudication. MIArb has developed and made available Arbitration Rules and Mediation Rules for parties’ adoption to govern the procedure of their arbitrations and mediations.

MIArb has a proud history of educating the public and training its members in ADR.

MIArb also runs assessment courses for individuals to qualify as Fellows of MIArb.

Over the years, MIArb has built strong collaborative relationships with local & international ADR institutions, industry associations & centres of higher learning to raise awareness and expand the use of ADR methods.

MIArb is also actively engaged in ADR law reform.

MIArb is non-profit and non-governmental.

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